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We’ve used Gutters Perth Discount on all ridge capon several occasions to replace gutters, ridge capping, downpipes and clean gutters at rental properties we manage. Gutters Perth have excellent communication skills, are very reasonably priced, and the jobs are done to a high standard and we’ll keep using them for our gutters jobs as we are happy with his results.”
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Ridge Capping Perth Western Australia

Gutters Perth provides comprehensive ridge capping repairs throughout city and metropolitan areas. This service provides the ultimate weather protection and visual amenity for your metal or concrete tile roof. Fix your leaky roof in your Perth home or commercial property before storms and rain damage the structure of your house and voids any insurance claim due to a lack of roof maintenance.

Comprehensive ridge capping solutions

Gutters Perth will repair the ridge capping on your home no matter what material or style of roof you have. After we’re done with it, your roof will look great and be protected from leaks and storms.

Some of you may be wondering what ridge capping is. To put it simply, they are the triangular shaped tiles that conceal the joining point of two faces of a roof. Without this feature, the rain penetrates the roof and damages the tiles, causing the roof to crack and leak rain water inside your home.

This is the most important factor that helps you to protect your ceiling from extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, wind and snow storms. Most leaks, cracks or damages in homes are caused by rain, so installing a ridge cap is the perfect solution to secure your house and family. The installation or replacement of this solution always requires lots of care. If it is properly installed, replaced or repaired, ridge capping ensures your roofing system is strong and long lasting while also minimising the chances of risk for your family and home. Our service comes in a wide range of colours and pitches that are perfect for maximum functionality and style. This allows you to choose the best one to match your specifications and budget.

Why we’re the right choice

Need replacement or repair of your cracked ridge cap? Well, no need to worry about this as we offer top quality installation, repair and replacement to all residential and commercial clients throughout Perth. Our main goal is to provide a strong and secure solution that protects your family and house.

We take pride in the fact that we follow the Australian standards of construction while also using top of the range materials and equipment for all of our roofing, gutter and cleaning services. Our competent and dedicated professionals make sure that proper and successful installation or reparation of ridge caps is completed to guarantee that your home is safer and stronger.

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